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Tread Carefully Before the NBA All Star Break

The penultimate round of fixtures before the All-Star Break in the NBA with 11 matches for NBA Wednesday (USA).

“Some of these sides are playing for the break and landscape has turned a little in the past week and we are suggesting this is not a great time to bet.” Max Martin writes.

“Yesterday we saw only two favourites win outright from five matches but not one favourite covered the spread.”

“Today we have Boston, Philly, Warriors and Grizzlies backing up and the Knicks are on the first match of a back to back.”

“Rozier is out for the Celtics and still no Irving. Kawhi is sitting for the Raptors and Van Vleet is out for weeks. Big question mark on Dwayne Wade for the Heat against the Mavs.”

“The Warriors have already rested Cousins and Livingstone with questionable tags on Green, Iguodala and Thompson.”

“Interestingly Isaiah Thomas will debut for the Nuggets tonight against Kings in Denver.”

We are betting into three matches will all bet suggestions posted for members.

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