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NRL News

Storm Looking Good Again

The ratings team at SBM were watching the first week of the NRL closely and have come up with the following observations.

Here is a breakdown of week 1 game by game and the game price ratings versus the actual results.

The Dragons were big improvers with a +13 performance versus Broncos -13.  SBM priced the match Dragons 2.0 v Broncos 1.8.  – Dragons won at 1.8.

Knights were even with their rating of 19 versus the Sea Eagles who were -11.  SBM Price rated the match Knights 2.2 v Sea Eagles 1.7.  Knights won at 1.9.

Cowboys were +4 versus Sharks -4.  The return of JT will boost the ratings for Cowboys.  SBM Price rated the Cowboys 1.7 versus 1.5.

Tigers -5 versus Roosters -16.  Defensive match but disappointing for Roosters.  SBM Price rated the Tigers 4.0 versus 3.55.

Rabbits -2 versus Warriors +10.  SBM Price rated the Warriors 2.05 versus 2.70.

Bulldogs -2 versus Storm +11.  SBM Price rated the Storm 1.18 versus 1.40

Panthers +4 versus Eels -5.  SBM Price rated the Panthers 1.5 versus 1.85.

Titans +11 versus Raiders -1-big improvers the Titans.  SBM Price rated this match Titans 2.2 versus 2.25.


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