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The Rocket Ratings Premiership Table is a tool for punters to make informed decisions on futures betting like Premiership, Minor Premiers, Top 4, Top 8 and more.
It generates its own Premiership Table with the teams seasonal rating score, defining its position on the Table.
If the rating scores are equal the team with the best defensive rating will be deemed the higher rating team.
The Rocket Ratings become available after Round 4 of any league.
Since 1993 we have used the strategy of backing the first two teams on the table each week when the ratings are released.
Sports Betting Max also provides valuable commentary on future match ups and teams that are “over the odds” throughout the season.
Already this season the Rocket Ratings found the Wildcats as clear winners when their price was top price $5.
In the NFL the Carolina Panthers were clear leaders from Round 12 when they were as wide as $8.  This allowed the perfect arbitrage on the Super Bowl by backing the Denver Broncos in the final.
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SMB recommends allowing a set percentage of your punting bank each week to bet on futures using Rocket Ratings.

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