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NBA Wednesday (USA) Bet Suggestions and Ratings Day 140 Free Hit

NBA Wednesday (USA) Bet Suggestions and Ratings Day 140
BKN 3.5 v OKC 1.3 to 1.33 (7.5)
Price Ratings
BKN 4.8 v OKC 1.18 (9)
Game Ratings
BKN 110 v OKC 119
H2H-OKC 9-3 this fixture
Comments – BKN Carroll, Napier OUT. OKC Morris Questionable. Paul George should just about be right to hit some form after stuttering since his shoulder injury. This is the start of a tough run for the Nets who commence a 7-game road trip. OKC are over the odds and a bet.
Bet Suggestion – OKC win outright 1.33 and -7.5

ORL 2.05 to 2.10 v WAS 1.8 to 1.77 (2)
Price Ratings
ORL 2.05 v WAS 1.8 (2)
Game Ratings
ORL 110 v WAS 112
H2H-WAS 15-1 This fixture
Comments – ORL Gordon IN. WAS Wall, Howard OUT. Good match-up this with 9th v 11th in the East and the Wizards are still an outside chance of making the play-offs especially with the form that B Beale is in. Markets are trending to WAS slight unders but they should win this match at home. No price advantage but Wizards fans could have a bet.
Bet Suggestion –NBM

DET 2.0 to 2.15 v MIA 1.83 to 1.74 (2.5)
Price Ratings
DET 2.0 v MIA 1.8 (2)
Game Ratings
DET 104 v MIA 106
H2H- MIA 6-2 this fixture
Comments – Both teams’ full strength. Good backing for the Heat in this clash of 7th v 8th in the East. Pistons had been on a tear winning 8 straight before their huge loss to the Nets (75-103) two days ago. Markets are trending to the Heat under the odds, but they should win this match at home.
Bet Suggestion – NBM

MEM 1.87 to 1.83 v ATL 1.95 to 2.0 (1.5)
Price Ratings
MEM 2.0 v ATL 1.8 (2)
Game Ratings
MEM 104 v ATL 106
H2H-ATL 9-3 this fixture
Comments – MEM Anderson, Brooks, Jackson OUT. ATL Spellman OUT. Great clash for two teams out of the play-offs but in very good form. Markets give a slight advantage to the Hawks at home. NBM
Bet Suggestion – No Bet Match

GSW 2.0 to 2.5 v HOU 1.8 to 1.56 (3.5)
Price Ratings
GSW 2.55 v HOU 1.59 (4)
Game Ratings
GSW 113 v HOU 117
H2H-HOU 4-2 this fixture
Comments – GSW Durant, Jones OUT. HOU Healthy. Good support for the Rockets who have been all over the Warriors a bit this season. 1st v 3rd in the West and the Rockets have a super draw to end the season and will be challenging for at least 2nd spot. They are right on their price now but should win and are a bet.
Bet Suggestion – HOU win outright 1.56 and -4

UTA 1.31 to 1.22 v OHX 3.6 to 4.33 (9)
Price Ratings
UTA 1.08 v PHX 8.5 (10)
Game Ratings
UTA 116 v PHO 104
H2H-UTA 4-1 this fixture
Comments – UTA Rubio, Neto IN. PHX Warren OUT. The Jazz are full strength for this and even though the Suns have been very dangerous of late this looks a good match up for the Jazz who are a healthy 16-17 on the road. They are comfortable in 8th but need to keep the wins coming and the money for them is no surprise as they were big overs at 1.34 and still are at 1.22 versus price ratings of 1.08.
Bet Suggestion – UTA win outright 1.22 and -9

Best Bets OKC/UTA
Bets HOU
Multi – OKC 1.33/ HOU 1.56 / UTA 1.22 at 2.53
Mad Multi – OKC 1.33/ HOU 1.56 / UTA 1.22 at 2.53 / WAS 1.77 at 4.12

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