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NBA Playoffs Day 2 – Free Hit

NBA Playoffs Day 2
IND 3.5 v BOS 1.33 (7) Game Commences 3 AM AEST

Price Ratings
IND 2.55 v BOS 1.33 (7)
Game Ratings
IND 105 v BOS 109
H2H- BOS 7-3 SU This fixture
Comments – IND Oladipo OUT. BOS Smart OUT. Two traditional rivals in the East who tend to win when playing at home. Both teams have been playing patch up ball of late, choosing when to try and not. Expect the Celtics to win but they look a long way under the odds, especially the way they have been playing and with Smart out.
Bet Suggestion – NBM

OKC 2.4 v POR 1.63 (3.5)
Price Ratings
OKC 2.05 v POR 1.80 (2)
Game Ratings
OKC 114 v POR 116
H2H- POR 8-2 SU this fixture
Comments – OKC George Questionable. POR Nurkic OUT. Will Paul George play. This being an early game not televised will make determining this point difficult. If George does not play, then the 1.63 on offer is an over play. If he does OKC are capable of the upset. Happy to let this one unfold.
Bet Suggestion – NBM

DET 8.0 v MIL 1.08 (13) Game Commences 9 AM AEST
Price Ratings
DET 6.5 v MI 1.12 (11)
Game Ratings
DET 106 v MIL 117
H2H-MIL 5-0 SU This fixture
Comments – DET Griffin Questionable. MIL Brogdon, Snell OUT. There appears to be serious doubts on Blake Griffin playing. His knee is causing him grief and he is a genuine GTD. IF he doesn’t play and the odds stay the same MIL are a line covering bet. Being a later game we will get a crack at this one tomorrow morning.
Bet Suggestion – NBM

UTA 3.1 v HOU 1.4 (6.5) Game Commences 11.30 AM AEST
Price Ratings
UTA 2.55 v HOU 1.59 (4)
Game Ratings
UTA 110 v HOU 114
H2H-HOU 6-2 SU this fixture
Comments – Both teams healthy. The Rockets are short enough, should win this one but are under the odds. Will update tomorrow morning.
Bet Suggestion – NBM

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