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NBA Friday (USA) Betting Moves and Injury News

UTA 2.5 to 2.6 v CHA 1.55 to 1.52 – UTA Favors Probable CHA Healthy – UTA are 13-3 this fixture and look fit enough to worry CHA.  UTA win +4.5 and 2.6 outright.

CLE 1.83 to 1.8 v IND 2.0 to 2.05 – CLE Thomas, Wade OUT IND Turner OUT – IND are 13-4 SU at the fixture and can defeat the out of form CLE who are 3-7 past ten matches.  Betting is spot-on so NO Bet Match for us.

ORL 5.7 to 6.0 v WAS 1.15 to 1.14 – ORL Vucevic, Ross and Isaac OUT WAS Healthy – WAS are 11-1 SU in this fixture.  We have the spread at -13 so -11 is a bet if you want to take the shorts.  WAS pick the line -7.5 at 1.59.

BKN 2.35 v ATL 1.62 – BKN Carroll IN ATL Belinelli OUT-No changes to betting which surprises as Carroll IN is big for BKN and Belinelli OUT is not ideal for ATL.  BKN is 8-4 ATS in this fixture so they are a good outsiders chance.  BKN +3.5 and 2.35 outright.

GSW 1.39 to 1.5 v MIL 3.05 to 2.65 – GSW Curry OUT Casspi, Thompson Questionable MIL Teletovic OUT – We had Curry IN so the adjusted ratings are now GSW 1.34 v MIL 3.35.  Not as confident about GSW as we were last night.  MIL are 15-7 SU in this fixture so they will fancy themselves. NO Bet Match.

NYK 4.0 to 4.2 v MIN 1.23 to 1.24 – NYK Tim Hardaway is a GTD but the betting suggests he will not suit up.  NYK are 5-1 SU in this fixture and we give them a silly chance at the odds.  NYK + 8.5 and small spec 4.2

POR 2.05 to 2.25 v NOP 1.74 to 1.67 – POR Lillard IN Turner Questionable NOP A Davis Questionable GTD.  Davis is heading to a GTD which is not good for NOP.  NOP are 6-3 SU in this fixture but with AD heading to a GTD we are now staying out.  No Bet Match.

MEM 3.6 to 3.2 v DEN 1.3 to 1.36 – MEM Parsons OUT DEN Garry Davis OUT.  Davis averages 16 ppg so is a big out.  DEN are 18-7 SU in this match and should win but Markets are correct so NO Bet Match.

HOU 1.33 v PHX 3.4 – HOU are banged up with Harden, a Moute and Black OUT PHX Jackson, Chriss OUT Canaan Probable – team selection does not affect the game ratings.  HOU are 5-0 in this fixture and can win again.  HOU win outright 1.33.


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