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Max News

Money Flowing in RD 21 AFL

The money has been flowing in the AFL with Essendon, Geelong, Port, GWS and Sydney all being backed overnight.

“The money has come back for the Bombers tonight for the round opening match against the Saints.”  Max Martin writes. “Initially there was some specking for the Saints, but the Dons have been solid today.”

“Geelong have been strong all week and are into 1.65 from 1.73 for their match against the Hawks.  Port have been strong again, firming into 1.45 from 1.5 for the Eagles clash.”

“The money has come back for the Giants after the Crows were strong early in the week.  The Giants are back into 1.45 from 1.48 overnight.”

“Sydney have been the best backed team this week.  They have been 3.3 into 2.9 with the Demons out to 1.42 from 1.33.”

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