Frequently Used Terms

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  • Accumulator 

    Multiple bet. For the better to win all outcomes must be chosen correctly. Is known as a parlay in some countries.

  • Action 

    A valid bet or wager. In many casino games simply a term for the amount of money wagered.

  • Against The Spread (ATS)

    Betting against the spread is a good betting strategy when the point spread is low, or the bettor believes the team they are betting on can beat their opponent by at least the point spread advertised. If the bettor believes the team will win big, betting against the spread will result in a huge payout. An example of betting against the spread would be if a wager that the New York Giants (-7) would beat the New England Patriots (+7). That means the Giants would have to win by more than 7 points for the individual to win his bet.

  • Ajax 

    UK reference to a “betting tax”.

  • All-Up 

    The same as an accumulator.

  • Ante Post 

    Wager made in advance of a future event. These are placed prior to the day of the event and involve better odds. The downside is any selections which are canceled or pull out are simply lost stakes. Term for any bet made more than a day prior to the post.

  • Arbitrage 

    When a variation in the odds between two bookies allows a person to bet both sides and have a sure win.

  • Asian Handicap 

    One of the teams is given a head start. This eliminates the draw as a possibility.

  • Backed 

    The team or person on which most bets are placed.

  • Beard 

    A US term for a colleague who bets on behalf of another person. This usually happens when a handicapper or someone else in a sensitive position doesn’t want a bookie to know they are betting on a game.

  • Beef 

    A dispute on the outcome of wagers between a punter and a bookmaker.

  • Betslip 

    The form for your bet selections.

  • Better 

    American term for bettor or punter.

  • Betting W/O 

    Shorthand for “betting without the favourite”.

  • BIR 

    Acronym meaning “betting in running”.

  • Bookies 

    Short for bookmaking business or bookmaker.

  • Bookmaker 

    A casino’s sports betting operation which sets point spreads and moneylines for betting.

  • Card Index 

    The amount of cards shown by a referee during a single football game. A red card is worth 25 points a yellow card is worth 10 and two yellows (equaling one red) is worth 35 points.

  • Cookies 

    Small packets of data stored on your computer about the sites you visit. These packets aid in helping your browser to pull up sites faster but can cause error’s when those same websites are updated with new data.

  • Cover 

    To beat the spread by enough points to win the bet.

  • Dead Hit 

    Finishing equal.

  • Distance Special 

    In horse racing a bet offered on a horse winning by a certain distance.

  • Dogs 

    Term for greyhound racing.

  • Favourite 

    The horse with the shortest price in the field. In team sports or singles sports the favourite has the shortest price of the two competing sides.

  • Flexi Betting 

    Taking exotics bets such as Quinella Exacta Trifecta First 4 Doubles Trebles or Quaddies in as many combinations and with bets as large as you like.

  • Goliath 

    A goliath bet includes 8 selections and 247 bets.

  • Line Bet 

    One side of the wager is given a head start so odds aren’t required. For instance if Manchester United is a +1 favourite ManU must win by 2 to cover the wager. Also called a moneyline bet in the United States.

  • Live Betting 

    Betting on an event as it transpires. Called betting on the run too.

  • Margin Betting 

    Choosing the eventual margin between two team.

  • MLB 

    Major League Baseball an American sport.

  • MVP 

    Most Valuable Player. Who will be voted MVP is sometimes a wager.

  • NBA 

    National Basketball Association.

  • NCAA 

    National Collegiate Athletic Association which organizes and polices college sports in the USA.

  • NFL 

    National Football League an American sport.

  • NHL 

    National Hockey League a Canadian sport with teams also in the USA.

  • Non-Runner 

    If your choice didn’t run in the race you get your money back. If you made an “all in bet” you do lose your stake in these cases.

  • Oddsmaker 

    A person who sets the odds for the bookies. Most major bookmakers use odds set in Las Vegas.

  • One on One 

    The same as head-to-head.

  • Overs

    When a team’s actual price is above the SBM Rating price it becomes good value and is called an Over.

  • Payout 

    The amount a punter is paid if they win.

  • Pick3 

    Also known as a treble.

  • Pick6 

    Also known as a Super 6.

  • Place Only 

    This wager hits if the horse you chose finished in the money.

  • Punter 


  • Quaddie 

    Pick the winner of the four consecutive races. Those who do this get a big payday but it’s hard to do.

  • Scorecast 

    The punter chooses who’s going to score first and who is going to win (and by how much).

  • Single 

    A single wager on one solitary selection.

  • Stake 

    The amount you wish to bet.

  • Straight Up

    A straight up bet between two teams which does not involve any point spreads-head to head bet.

  • Superfecta 

    Another name for “First Four”.

  • Tote 

    The name for the TABs or tote board.

  • Treble 

    Picking the winners on 3 consecutive races.

  • Trifecta 

    Wagering on three selections to win 1st 2nd and 3rd in a race but also in a particular orer.

  • Trots 

    Term for Australian harness racing.

  • Unders

    When a team’s actual price is below the SBM Rating price it is considered poor value and is called an Under.

  • Win-Draw-Win 

    References the three outcomes of a sports future including home win draw and away win.