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The aim of is to provide accurate ratings, price assessments and bet suggestions at value for money on sporting events from around the world.

Using the Sports Rating Predictor first developed in 1993, provides projected score lines in most point scoring leagues including NBA, NFL, AFL, NRL, NBL and Rugby. also aims to simplify the payment system for this service -$10 per week gets you the ratings, prices and bet suggestions for all of the leagues mentioned above.

Since launching in 2016, has continued to develop a team of smart analysts who are consistently producing winning bet suggestions for its members.

The biggest game changer for SBM has been the introduction of the SBM Price Ratings.

In professional sports betting, every successful pro punter handicaps his own markets on every game that he is willing to invest on.

SBM analysts have developed a price rating system that uses a combination of the ratings, form graph indicator, venue and missing player values to produce our own set of prices.

Since late 2016 we had been testing the prices and they were proving such an important tool that we decided to go live with them on January 1 2017.

Not only have they consistently found winners at inflated prices they have also precluded SBM members from backing losers at short prices.

Sure it will cost you from backing some winners when they are too short but you are better off not having a bet than backing a short priced loser.


Take the complications out of sports betting and become a member of

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Current statistics through Tuesday 23 October
10 wins on 17 games
29 wins on 43 games
NFL Playoffs
8 wins on 9 games
51 wins on 73 tips
Super Rugby
0 wins on 0 games
NBL Finals
7 wins on 9 games
4 wins on 7 games
0 wins on 0 games
60 wins on 97 tips
NBA Playoffs
42 wins on 61 games